“Closer to you” Community Support Programme – Friends & Families of Special Children

Giving back to our community has always been important as it has given so much to us over the years. At WPS we like to support those charities local to our community and where our members of staff are passionate about their purpose and help them to achieve fundraising objectives.

Closer to you community support programme

Ecclesiastical Insurance Group and Ansvar Insurance (a division of Ecclesiastical) run their ‘Closer to you’ community support programme and allow their select brokers to apply and nominate charities for funding and volunteering opportunities.


Our partner insurer Ecclesiastical Insurance Group who themselves are owned by a charity are one of the top 10 corporate givers to charity and the number 1 insurer according to the UK Guide to Company Giving 2017/18.


This year we chose to nominate Friends & Families of Special Children Ltd.


Friends & Families of Special Children is a non-profit organisation unique to Plymouth, providing information, support and services for families with disabled children. It is run by a team that comes from a range of professional backgrounds that includes Social Work, Counselling and Law.


We are pleased to announce that Friends & Families of Special Children Ltd was awarded the full grant of £2,500.00.


“Friends and Families of Special Children is a charity very close to my heart” Anita Riddell, HR Manager


“We have over 800 families registered with us who have children who experience all forms of disabilities in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. This grant will help us to continue providing our support services and activities to families in the City.” Hannah Whiting, Lead Fundraiser


If you would like to find out more about Friends & Families of Special Children visit their website www.friendsandfamilies.org.uk



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