Drones (UAV’s) Unmanned Air Vehicles

Are drones taking over the world? No, although judging by the recent media headlines, UAV’s are the cause of everything from invasion of privacy to aircraft accidents.

The reality is that advances in UAV technology have meant that these one time toys are becoming a vital business tool in many sectors of our commercial life. They are in fact beginning to take over from helicopters to become the primary tool for survey, patrol and photography; their advantages over manned aircraft include cost savings, flexibility and availability.

The sectors that are making increasing use of UAV’s include:-
  • Local authorities
  • Surveyors
  • Utility companies
  • Estate agents
  • Photographers
  • Mineral extraction
  • Transport
  • Land owners
  • Emergency services, and many more.

Whilst commercial UAV’s flown by responsible operators perform a vital job day-in/day-out, the industry is given a bad name by so-called hobbyists who can by a “drone” for very little and fly their toy uninsured and in flagrant disregard of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations. The CAA regulations are specific as to where and when UAV’s can be flown; for commercial work, permission must be obtained from the CAA (full details are set out in the CAA website – http://www.caa.co.uk).

Commercial insurance policies usually carry an exclusion for liability/ damages arising from the use or operation of these aircraft.

However, WPS are able to arrange cover having access to a specialist scheme. If you operate of intend to operate such devices and would like a quotation please contact us.

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