Infectious Diseases including Legionellosis

The RSA Councilguard policy includes an extension under the Business Interruption cover as follows:

This clause applies to the Business Interruption Insurance section of this Policy. The word Damage is extended to include the closure of the Premises or part thereof on the order or advice of any local or governmental authority as a result of an outbreak or occurrence at the Premises of

A) any human contagious or infectious disease an outbreak of which is required by law or stipulated by the governmental authority to be notified
B) food or drink poisoning
C) vermin or pests
D) defective sanitation
E) legionellosis at the Premises unless at the time of such outbreak at the Premises the Policyholder is not in complete compliance with Health and
Safety Executive Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) 1992 unless such non-compliance shall have been notified in writing to the Company and confirmed as acceptable by the Company Provided that

1) the Maximum Indemnity Period is limited to three months
and shall apply from the date from which the closure order
is enforced

2) the Company shall not be liable under this Extension for
more than the limit stated below in respect of any one loss
Limit £10,000

Subject otherwise to the terms Exclusions and Conditions of this Policy

In order to make a claim there are a number of things that would need to have happened:

The Government would need to add COVID 19 to the list of Notifiable Diseases
This has now occurred, see

There would have to be an outbreak or occurrence of COVID 19 at the Insured’s Premises

The appropriate government authority would need to have issued advice to close the Premises or part of the Premises

All three of those have to have happened to be able to make a claim.

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