Phone Addiction – Tips to Stop Scrolling

Tips For Breaking Your Phone Addiction

The numbers don’t lie. UK citizens are glued to their smartphones according to a recent study conducted by Deloitte.

Did You Know?

The survey revealed 85 percent of respondents (41 million people) have access to a smartphone. Of these smartphone users 4.5 million admitted to using their phone whilst crossing the road.


A quarter of 16-19 year old disrupt their sleep cycle by actively respond to messages on their devices in the middle of the night.


Finally, 38 percent of respondents believe they use their phone too much.

Simple Effective Tips to Break You Phone Addiction

Follow these simple, yet effective tips to break your smartphone addiction.

  1. Turn notifications off

You are surely no stranger to watching your phone screen light up with non-stop notifications every hour of the day. However, it is important to allow notifications only for apps that are genuinely useful to you, such as phone calls, text messages or calendar reminders. Doing so will greatly decrease your temptation to continuously pick up the phone or open unnecessary apps.

  1. Don’t take your phone to bed

While it may be difficult at first, it is vital for your health to charge your phone in another room when it’s time to turn out the lights. Taking your phone to bed with you will only increase your likelihood of losing sleep to the screen. Invest in an actual alarm clock and develop the mindset that your phone needs to sleep when you do.

  1. Unlock your phone with intention

Often we find ourselves mindlessly opening our phones for no reason. A helpful tip to reduce pointless scrolling and web surfing is to narrate your reason for unlocking your phone before doing so. Developing this habit will allow for solely intentional phone use rather than frequent distractions.

  1. Rearrange your screen

Once you realise which apps attract your attention the most and waste the most time, remove those apps from your home screen. Believe it or not, organising your most distracting apps in a way that forces you to perform an extra swipe of scroll will greatly reduce your likelihood of opening them in the first place.


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